YUMI™ keratin lash lift mascara


The mascara moisturizes, conditions and nourishes your lashes in-between the lash lift and tint treatments. Its ability to penetrate and target the natural keratin within the hair helps to recover lash structure and repairs problematic eyelash issues. YUMI™ mascara is important to prevent lashes from becoming dry and fragile and can be used as a primer before applying regular mascara. YUMI™ Nourish Clear Keratin Mascara will also protect your lashes from the sun, wind and water, perfect to take on vacation!

YUMI™ Nourish Clear Keratin Mascara – $100 CDN not including tax

YUMI™ Keratin Lash Lift Treatment and  YUMI™ Nourish Clear Keratin Mascara – $240 CDN not including tax (save $10)