ABOut YUmi™ KERATIN Lash Lift

YUMI™ Keratin Lash Lift is revolutionizing the beauty world.

The YUMI™ brand was born in Europe and uses an advanced technique to enhance your natural lashes and give them an incredible lift without the use of lash extensions, growth serums, false sets, or eyelash curlers.

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About the YUMI™ Technique

The procedure lifts your natural lashes to an unbelievable height and infuses them with a special pigmentation, resulting in a dramatic and voluminous effect. With beautifully curved lashes that appear thicker and darker, your eyes will look bigger and brighter than before.

The YUMI™ effect typically lasts for 8-12 weeks—the natural life cycle of an eyelash. The treatment also involves the application of coenzyme Q10 gel pads, which contain anti-aging properties, to the under-eye area.

This is not an eyelash perm. The new and innovative YUMI™ technology is based on improving the natural structure of the lash through using products high in nutrients.



Clients who have experienced the YUMI™ Keratin treatment are delighted, and beauty professionals who have applied the product are always satisfied with the result. 

Traditional eyelash perms simply curve the lashes. YUMI™ lifts each individual lash upwards, intensifying the appearance for longer, fuller lashes. 

Whether you have thick, long, short, dark, blonde, curly, straight, sparse, delicate lashes… YUMI™ is the lash enhancement for you! 


NO lash extension used

NO lash growth serum used

NO lash perm

NO mascara required

NO traditional eye lash curler


About Jag


As a business owner and beauty veteran with over 20 years of experience in the cosmetology industry, Jag Sangara-Gill came across the YUMI™ brand when she experienced the treatment first-hand. The results truly achieved the brand’s promise of beautiful, carefree lashes.


Jag travelled to Beverly Hills, California to train privately with Master YUMI™ Trainer, Elysee Zhadikpur. Jag then joined the elite team of Master YUMI™ Trainers across Canada where she completed additional training with Elena Velkovsky, Master YUMI™ Trainer of Canada and Exclusive YUMI™ Canadian Distributor. Jag is the first and only Canadian that has trained in Canada to become a Master YUMI™ Trainer and in the United States to become a YUMI™ Technician.


As a certified YUMI™ Technician, Jag continues to deliver amazing results to her clients. As a Master YUMI™ Trainer, Jag provides the best  training and education to those wishing to incorporate the YUMI™ service into their existing salon or spa menu.


Beauty trends may come and go—YUMI™ is here to stay.